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What is condensed milk and it’s Benefits?

The condensed milk is made by removing the all water from cow’s milk. This process leaves behind a dense liquid, and then become sweetened and in canned. Although it’s a milk product, the condensed milk looks and tastes different than regular milk. It’s sweeter, darker in color, and has a creamier and thicker texture, the condensed milk also has a long shelf life, and it is make a popular ingredient in dishes around the world.

It’s likely no surprise that the sweetened condensed milk is more in calories. After all, it is used as an ingredient in more rich desserts. However, as far as sweets go, the condensed milk has some redeeming the qualities, namely, this nutrition that it derives from the milk solids it is made from. The way to enjoying the condensed milk as a part of a healthy diet is consuming less, measured portions. So let’s talk about the benefits of Condensed Milk.


Mostly know, one of the primary nutrients that you will find in the condensed milk is calcium, 54 mg per tablespoon. The condensed milk also contains 36 mg of potassium, 56 IU vitamin A, 5 mg of magnesium, and trace amounts of other minerals and vitamins.


This sweetened condensed milk is a decadent treat, as it contains 62 calories for per tablespoon. The condensed milk is also high in calories for the reason that its name implies, it is a more mixture of milk solids and sugar. However, people who are dieting should either avoid the condensed milk or consume it more condensed milk.


A 1 tablespoon serving of regular sweetened condensed milk contains almost 2 grams of fat. The fat in the condensed milk is primarily saturated fat, which can negatively impact cardiovascular health, according to the USDA. Condensed milk is easy to eat a big amount of saturated fat when you consume condensed milk if you don’t carefully watch portions. The condensed milk is a better choice than cream, but, which contains 5.5 grams of fat per tablespoon. You can buy fat-free and low-fat versions of condensed milk if you are watching your fats intake.

Protein and Carbohydrates

A tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk contains over 10 grams of carbohydrates, all of the milks are sugars. According to the health report in the New England Journal of Medicine, a diet high in high sugars can lead to weight problems, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. This treat also contains protein, however, not very much, with 1 tablespoon containing 1.5 grams. Try to control when eating desserts containing condensed milk, as some can contain amounts of sugar that you may result an unacceptable for a weight management or the blood sugar control plan.


Long Shelf Life

The added sugar in the sweetened condensed milk means that it lasts longer than regular milk. It can be stored in cans for very long time without putting it in fridge often up to a year. But, once you opened it, you must be kept in the fridge and its shelf life is dramatically lessen to around two weeks. And always check the instructions in the condensed can to maximize freshness.

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