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How condensed milk can be harmful for body?

Sweetened condensed milk contains about one half of the calories required for a person for a single day. Condensed milk has a large amount of sugar and saturated fat, but otherwise it is not terribly rich in other nutrients. However, the impact on your health will depend on what you file the other one half of your diet with. That amount of sugar 166 grams will almost necessarily promote tooth decay.

Whether or not it will bulk you up, it also depends on what others you eat and how much physical exercise you are getting every day. As a high-calorie relatively low nutrient content food, condensed milk will certainly give you more of calories and more of fats, however, that’s not really going to promote muscle growth. If you eat huge calories than you expend, then the excess will be stored. First, your body will try to stock it as glycogen, and if that store is there, the rest will be stored as fats in your body. It doesn’t promote muscle mass growth, if that’s what you are searching for. Someone that engages in more exercise that puts them into ketosis might be effectively burn the all of sugar, but other people will not.


You might think, instead eating a well-balanced exercise and diet. This will almost important benefit you more in the long run. Bur there are other benefits to using the sweetened condensed milk, it may also come with some harmful in our body.


High in Calories

The huge number of calories in a small volume of the sweetened condensed milk can be either negative or positive, depending on your needs. For other people trying to gain weight, this can be also a best way, but for those people trying to lose weight, it may provide a more amount and unnecessary calories.

Unsuitable for People with Milk or Lactose Intolerance

This Sweetened condensed milk is made from cow’s milk and thus have both milk lactose and proteins. If you are a lactose intolerant or a milk protein allergy, then condensed milk product is unsuitable for you. Other people with have a lactose intolerance can tolerate less amounts of lactose spread all the day. If this is the case for you, remember that sweetened condensed milk have a more lactose in a smaller volume.

Unusual Taste

While other people may enjoy the sweet, the unusual flavor of the sweetened condensed milk, but others may find it unpalatable. It is typically too sweet to replace milk protein allergy or to regular milk. Therefore, it can’t always be used as an ingredients in recipes especially in savory dishes.

The sweetened condensed milk is have a high in calories and not suitable for those people with cow’s lactose intolerance or milk protein allergy. This kind of sweet flavor may be off putting for some and does not typically have as a good substitute for that have a milk protein allergy to regular milk in recipes.


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