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7 Ways to use Condensed Milk for Cooking

Do you ever know how to make sweetened condensed milk. You can make using sweetened condensed milk with this just a few simple ways in cooking, it is easy and tasty so much better than what comes out of a can. So here are some 7 Ways to use Condensed Milk for Cooking.              

Condensed milk jelly

In a cup, soften 2½ tablespoon powdered gelatin in 2½ tablespoon cold water. Then place the cup in a pan of simmering water and heat until dissolved. Heat ⅔ cup sweetened condensed milk and a soy milk together. Stir in the gelatin mixture, divide among glasses then put it in fridge. Simmer 250 grams of sugar, ⅓ cup ground coffee and at least 400ml water until it slightly thickened. Keep it cool, strain and serve with jelly.

No-churn cherry ice-cream

Whisk 600 ml pouring cream until it starts to thicken in a bowl. Pour in can sweetened condensed milk and whisk for 3 minutes until it become creamy. Pour into the ceramic dish and drop 8 tablespoon of cherry jam over the top. Cover it in plastic wrap and then put in the fridge overnight. Wait for 5 minutes to become soften before serving with pitted cherries.

Lemon almond pound cake

The pound cake is called because of the ratio of flour, sugar, eggs and butter, the weight of each is more or small identical, and the recipes in grand measurements frequently called for a pound of each. The sweetened condensed milk gives the cake a richness and tenderness that is more delicious.

Condensed milk mayo

Make by yourself by trying this version of all-time favorite lightly drizzled over bitter leaves such as curly endive and radicchio. Whisk in a bowl together a can sweetened condensed milk, 2 teaspoons of powdered mustard and 1 cup of malt vinegar, stir it until smooth. Wait for a few minutes then add with salt, pepper and thin with a little water, if you much prefer.

Dulce de leche

Cut the top of a can of the sweetened condensed milk 3 times around the edge. Place in a pan with water, pierced side up and to come it in three-quarters of the way up the side of the can. Boil for 4 hours, and topping up the water. Then remove the can carefully from pan, cool the can completely, then you can open and remove the dulce de leche then serve.

Carrot halva

In a large pan, cook 1.5 kilogram of grated carrot in a ½ cup ghee in the medium heat for over 30 minutes, until quite dry. Stir in the condensed milk, 1 tablespoon ground cardamom, ⅓ cup sugar and ½ cup each chopped raisins and cashews. Lower the heat to low and cook, then stirring it until it become very thick. Press mixture into a dish, keep it cool, then cut into pieces and serve.

Coconut and condensed milk rolls

This traditional recipes for these delicious buns tend to be compressed with flour, but there is the slightly fluffier version for you to try. As if the sweetened condensed milk in the filling is not enough, you need to get to pour more over the last result. Use as much or little at this stage as you like, and add sprinkling of shredded coconut if you want.


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